Power Outage – Power Emergencies

Emergency Power Loss

A Power Emergency (outage) to your home or business is frustrating, inconvenient & sometimes dangerous. If you think this causes any risk to life or property, call 000.
Be aware of any power cuts for severe weather or bushfire activity.

What to do if the power fails:

  • Establish that your property is the only one effected by Power Loss
  • Look around any surrounding properties to see if you are the only one without power
  • If the power failure is more extensive and is effecting other properties, contact SA Power Networks – 131 366 (formerly ETSA) or your energy supplier.

If you are the only property without power
Carefully check you power switchboard [fusebox] to see if the mains switch and any safety switches are still on.

Contact us immediately if:

• There are any signs of burn, fire or high heat damage to your switchboard (+ call Fire Brigade if appropriate)

• You don’t have a Mains Switch

• The Mains Switch and All Safety Switches are on and there is still no power supply

If you find a faulty switch, fixture or appliance is the cause the power loss, isolate safely, [turn off, disconnect – be sure to take out the power plug/chord] and contact us during working hours to book a diagnoses and/or repair.

There are a variety of helpful contacts, links, tools and advice on the following websites:

  • SA Govt Online Advice on Electricity Power Outages
  • SA Power Networks – 131366 (formerly ETSA) for any Current Power Interruptions or Check Online.

Power Loss Safety
Be prepared with some torches and an understanding for your families and staff on what to do when the power fails.
For safety ensure all appliances, power tools and electrical machinery is turned off before your power is restored.
Food in most domestic fridges and freezers, with doors left closed, should last at least a few hours up to a day. Refrigeration with glass door will spoil food in less time, check all carefully.

General Switchboard Safety
Your Electrical Switchboard is the heart of your property’s power supply system, every bit of power comes into and is distributed from it to safely feed your fixtures and appliances. Remember many switchboards in properties more than 15-20 years old would be safer with an Electrical Safety Inspection to identify any dangerous or out-dated fuses, breakers or switches.

  • Be familiar with where your switchboard is located
  • Keep access to your switchboard free of obstructions
  • Label switches, circuit breakers or fuses
  • Repairs or installation work must be undertaken by a licensed electrician.

If your Safety switch cuts power and won’t reset at the switchboard ( contact us or ) – be sure to switch off and remove plugs/cords from all powerpoints. Physically removing all chords out of power points will stop any effect from the faults tripping the safety switch again.